Thursday, 9 July 2009

No photos but more support from Highbury Barn traders

Michael Long at the Pharmacy, 14 Highbury Park
"Apart from anything else - greeness etc - plastic bags cost a fortune. We get staff to ask, 'Do you really need a bag?'"

Steve, manager of Da Mario, 34 Highbury Park & The Barn Store, 15 Highbury Park
"I say to staff ask people 'do you need a bag", so if they have got a pint of milk then they might think that they don't need one. It's not just the cost, it's the waste. In my experience that works. We've also give regulars our reusable cloth bags."

Jimmy at the Master Cobbler, 21A Highbury Park
"I spend #2,000 a year on plastic bags. Nowadays I reuse bags so that out of every 100 only 10 will need to be put into the rubbish."

Yehia el Nemer, owner of Oasis cafe at Highbury Fields
"I don't give out plastic bags. I support this idea 100 per cent."

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Marilyn Mason said...

Hello Plastic Bag Free Highbury Barn / Kokodo

Would you be interested in working with Greener Upon Thames to get a London-wide campaign going - mostly helping us to disseminate information and our new mini-video, and signing and promoting t your supporters a petition or 2? It wouldn't be extra work, or interrupt what you are doing locally, but it would be good to link up with others in London to make a big push.

Best wishes

Greener Kingston
Greener Upon Thames