Sunday, 4 January 2009

Shoppers say "yes" to plastic bag free Highbury Barn

Here are the results from the survey of shoppers at Highbury Barn done by CAROLINE (13 Dec 2008) CINZIA, NEIL and NICOLA (20 Dec 2008). Shoppers of different ages, gender, ethnicity were asked. Answers were anonymous. For comments see the previous entry "100 Barn shoppers surveyed".

SUMMARY: In this first ever survey of Highbury Barn shoppers, an overwhelming number of the 100+ respondents said that they thought Highbury Barn should go plastic bag free (see question 1 results below). Although some people forget to bring out a bag when they pop to the shops, the majority like to bring a reusable bag or reuse a plastic bag (see question 2 results below). Nearly everyone surveyed said that they would be willing to pay a few pence for a biodegradable bag (see question 3 results below).

Question 1: More than 100 towns in Britain have banned plastic bags - do you think that Highbury Barn should?

91 x people said yes
11 x people said no
3 x people said not really, that they would miss them
6 x people - not ban but strongly discourage
2 x doesn’t really matter/not sure

Question 2: Do you use a re-usable bag when shopping?

71 x people said yes
9 x people said No
22 x people said 'sometimes/usually
14 x people ' try to remember but forget'
1 x person not sure

Question 3: How much would you be willing to pay for a biodegradeable bag (eg, corn starch)? Answers between 6p - 15p.

6p - 10p - x 32 people
10p - x 19 people
10p - 15p - x27 people
15p - x9 people
20p - x2 people
want them to be free x 5 people

Question 4: And how much would you be willing to pay for a re usable bag (eg, cloth)? Answers between 50p - £2.00.

50p- x 9 people
50p - £1.00 - x 24 people
£1.00 - x 38 people
£1.00 - £2.00 - x 15 people
£2.00 - x 5 people
want them to be free x 3 people
don’t know x 1 person
wouldn’t pay x 1 person

Ends survey.

Click here to see results from a similar survey (reported in The Tibune) which was run in Newington Green in early 2008. Newington Green is the first shopping zone in Islington to aim to go plastic bag free.

Saturday, 3 January 2009

100 Barn shoppers surveyed

More than 100 shoppers were asked what they thought about making Highbury Barn one of the 100 towns in Britain to go plastic bag free. Full results of the survey will be published at the end of January. Below are comments from some of the shoppers the note takers - Caroline, Cinzia, Neil and Nicola - spoke with on 13 and 20 December 2008.

'Good idea'

'Good idea'

'Information should be in shops - stickers in shop windows'

'Recycling bag info should be available'

'Made me think'

'There should be bins with bags in shop'

'Good idea'

'Good idea'

'Bring back brown paper bags'

'Stop them in supermarkets, charge for bags'

'Big shops should take the lead'

'Shops shouldn't give away bags and extra plastic packaging'

'Agree to get rid of them - stronger bags'

'Good to not use them - alternative ie paper bags'

'If no bags people will have to be resourceful'

'Focus on the environment - best if everybody does something'

'We don't really use them'

'Easy target (bags) Look at the other things'

'Cost issues - worried about the effects on shopkeepers'

'Shopkeepers should only give them out if asked'

'Would like them banned'

'The country should ban tham'

'You don't see them in Australia or South Africa'

'Discourage shops from automatically giving them'

'I don't agree with charging for bags'

'People should have to ask for a bag'

'They should do away with them'

'Very occassionally re-use bag'

'Ban plastic bags from big shops'

'Shopkeepers should ask'

'Big shops should take the lead'

'Like the idea of re-usable bags'

'Plastic bags are terrible'

'Shops should ask to make people think'

'Good idea'

'Think it's a good idea, feel guilty'

'Seen how bags without rubbish collection in the Middle East cause havoc (there was a description of them resembling a weather system- great drifts of plastic moving around)

'Very good idea'

'Needs to be at Government level' ( x2 )

'Agree in principle'

'Use the same bag over and over - education is important'

“It’s a small step. Don’t make it tyrannical. There are bigger issues.@

Nice paper bags? With sturdy handle? Could re-use.

“Need to educate people. People don’t know how long plastic takes to rot down. Before 1940s people used shopping baskets.We’ve created the idea that plastic is essential. It never used to be. How about having a bin where you can share plastic bags, so if you forget your bag when you go shopping you can reuse one. The supermarkets set the precedent. It’s very complex.”

“I’d like a plastic bag free Highbury Barn.”

“Somethings you’ve got to do.”

“My mum would be thrilled if Highbury Barn went plastic bag free.”

“If you want to ban bags need a place to drop the bags we all hoard (to get rid of them, or recycle them).”

“It’s a good idea. I got my cloth bag from Fromagerie.”

“I recycle anyway. I only put things in the bin that can’t be recycled. I use plastic bags for rubbish bags.”
“All supermarkets should be made to stop giving out plastic bags.”
“Highbury Barn is almost plastic bag free. There’s cloth bags at Da Mario and the butcher and the cheese shop. But it is up to individuals.”

“Want shops to charge for bags”

“Supermarkets shouldn’t give them out.”

“How recyclable is recyclable?”

“I support a plastic bag free Highbury Barn” (4 different people)

Traders like you using their bags with their logo, but they don’t like you bringing in an unmarked bag. “They can view the latter with suspicion: they think an unmarked bag allows the customer to nick stuff and then pass it off as their own.”