Friday, 20 March 2009

Launch notice for 28 March


“There's so much horror in the world that we're powerless to change. Giving up plastic bags is within everyone's power--it's such an easy political act.” Sheila Dillon, Radio 4’s The Food Programme presenter & Highbury resident


Well-known food journalist and BBC Radio 4 presenter of The Food Programme, Sheila Dillon, is backing a campaign to make Highbury Barn go plastic bag free.

Sheila, who lives and shops in Highbury, will be at the launch of plastic bag free Highbury Barn event on Saturday 28 March, 3.30-5.30pm at Christ Church, Highbury Hill (nearest tube Arsenal. Buses include 4 and 19).

What to expect
“Come and hear Sheila launch the event, watch the free film showing – suitable for families – of Message In The Waves, and enjoy a free cake and cup of tea. There will also be stalls selling books and local craft. There are taster Shiatsu massages (for a small fee) and a chance to knit a handbag out of your unwanted plastic bags. Find out more at,” says one of the plastic bag free Highbury Barn group members, Nicola Baird. “Message in the Waves was made by a young Devon film maker, Rebecca Hosking, who went on to inspire her town, Modbury, and more than 100 others across the UK to go plastic bag free – including nearby Newington Green.”

Highbury is great
“I wholeheartedly support all efforts to make Highbury Barn plastic bag free,” says Sheila Dillon. “Highbury is one of the great London neighbourhoods and its shops bring people together. And they're such good shops--no need to go to the supermarket: better deals, better time, better environment, better life all achieved by shopping in your own neighbourhood (just need to wangle a fish shop in there). The shops set standards in so many ways, so let's do it with plastic bags--get rid of them and make shopping in the Barn even less damaging.”

“Plastic bags are unnecessary and ugly--wrapping themselves around trees, hedges, shrubs and fences in our neighbourhood,” adds Sheila Dillon. “Beyond our neighbourhood they do much uglier work: choking animals, fish, amphibians. And even when they're tidied away into landfill they release gases as they decompose that will poison the world for our grandchildren and their descendents. There's so much horror in the world that we're powerless to change. Giving up plastic bags is within everyone's power--it's such an easy political act.”

You support going plastic bag free...
In a recent survey 8 out of 10 Highbury Barn shoppers (81 per cent) support Highbury Barn going plastic bag free. See the full results at

Thursday, 5 March 2009

No bags at shiatsu clinic

Giuliana Perra, a shiatsu specialist, is one of the first traders in Highbury Barn to say no to all plastic.

"Watching the film Message in the waves with the other traders made me realise that it is not just plastic bags (I know that we need to start small) that we need to worry about, but plastic in general from baby toys to toothbrushes. The destiny of Hawaii made me think about the destiny of Sardinia, the island where I come from. I'd also like remind people about the amount of garbage in London - that's the way to keep the focus on making Highbury Barn free of plastic bags."

Giuliana is a Shiatsu Practitioner who offers Shiatsu full body treatments & Shiatsu targeted treatments at The Highbury Clinic, 111 Highbury Park, N5.

"Shiatsu is a deeply relaxing , energising & rejuvenating bodywork therapy," she adds. The session includes invigorating stretching, manipulations & nurturing techniques. Treatments are tailored to suit individual need and include an in-depth diagnosis. Regular sessions recommended for optimum results.


  • Natural facelift

  • Fine lines, sleeping disorders, anxiety & stressFace/ scalp & back Aches /pains, headache/migraine & irritabilityAntenatal & postnatal

  • Pregnancy discomfort, nausea, back soreness & fatigueFeet & legs

  • Cramps, heaviness, lower backache & depressionHands/ arms & shoulders

  • Back, neck & shoulders stiffness & respiratory problems

  • Ampuku (abdominal massage)

  • Intestinal, digestive & period problems.

"I am available for home visits, baby showers, pamper parties, hen nights, any special event… block bookings and gift vouchers available." For more information visit or contact Giuliana on 07950 26 74 86.

Giuliana is also a great cook and likes to bring this lemon polenta cake to the plastic bag free highbury barn events. IF you haven't yet tasted this cake, here's the recipe if you'd like to make your own. All the ingredients can be bought at Highbury Barn shops (remember your cloth bag!).


2 large eggs (I whisk the whites until they are stiff and mix them with all the ingredients at last moment with a wooden spoon)

175g of caster sugar

Zest of 2 large lemons

2 tablespoons of lemon juice

85g of fine polenta (cornmeal)

175g of butter (I use clarified butter) or 2 tablespoons of olive oil

150g of ground almonds

Tablespoon of poppy seeds (optional)

Half a teaspoon of baking powder

Bake at 180C for about 50 minutes